System Planning

Most parameters that define a photovoltaic system's capability for supplying high-level solar energy over time, are established during the initial planning stage. Enercity, a Green Panel subsidiary, provides commercial entities and private clients with comprehensive planning services. These services are designed to allow system owners to make smart and informed decisions, which will help them establish solar power systems and storage facilities under optimal conditions.

End-to-end planning

Enercity employs engineers and project managers who specialize in solar power and storage system planning. The company's engineering services cover all the key parameters relating to system planning. At the end of the planning stage, clients receive a detailed installation file that allows them to install their system of choice in the designated location.

The company's team provides the following services:

  • Engineering planning via AutoCAD
  • Computerized simulations
  • On-site measurement surveys and three-dimensional models via drones
  • Stationing plans
  • Construction plans
  • High-voltage planning
  • Grounding electricity planning
  • Quantities list
  • Permit obtainment from the Israel Electric Corporation
  • Pre-installation simulations, in order to provide an estimate of energy level production

Green Panel and Enercity. Double the power.

Solar power systems and storage systems are meant to provide high-level service for at least 25 years, if not more. Enercity's experts take into consideration all the parameters that are relevant to these systems' lengthy lifecycle. In addition, the collaboration with Green Power allows Enercity's engineers to address all future maintenance aspects during the initial planning stages.

With professional planning and optimal maintenance, the sky's the limit for solar power systems. Contact us today. Together, we'll make sure the sun aligns with your best interests.

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