System Maintenance

Green Panel provides quick and comprehensive maintenance services for private and commercial solar power systems. Our maintenance team supplies a wide range of services for land-based and floating systems throughout Israel, at all times. Our technicians rely on Israel's largest solar power system control & command center, which is located at the Green Panel's headquarters.

In recent years, more and more businesses and individuals operate solar systems that produce clean energy, which in turn generates income and promotes environmental sustainability. To preserve production values and fix malfunctions, system owners rely on professional maintenance services. This is where Green Panel comes in.

  • Solar panel maintenance: Our cleaning teams wash solar panels in the most professional manner, by using softened water and chlorine-based disinfection. Periodical cleaning preserves solar panel lifecycles, while optimizing energy flow and increasing production capabilities. In addition, our teams use advanced panel monitoring tools, including thermographic cameras and drones.
  • Converter maintenance: Green Panel is one of Israel's leading converter maintenance companies. As official service providers of Israel's converter companies, we are authorized to fix, replace and service all existing converter types. Our technicians monitor over 9000 solar power converters nationwide. Our control & command center analyzes converter data, in order to identify anomalies and generate valuable insights. 
  • Electricity inspections: Green Panel's dedicated electricians specialize in high-voltage solar power equipment, and are certified to work in extreme heights. 
  • Shading: Unexpected shading can interfere with solar power system efficiency. Green Panel's periodical maintenance inspection includes identifying possible tree shading. After locating shading that requires treatment, we will contact landscapers with valid tree pruning licenses. In addition, we strive to alert our clients on planned shading that may impact their operations.

Maintenance with added value

Green Panel prides itself on its customer service. Our maintenance teams conduct periodical inspections and fix sudden malfunctions, in compliance with high SLA standards. In case of a malfunction, our clients can count on a fast and effective response, under full professional warranty.

In addition to our excellent service, our clients rely on our continuous dedication to improving system production. The tools at our disposal help us analyze every system in accordance with numerous parameters, and provide precise energy production analysis. That's what added value maintenance is all about.  

Smart maintenance is the basis for high energy efficiency. Contact us today. Together, we'll make sure the sun aligns with your best interests.

Smart maintenance is the basis for high energy efficiency. Contact us today. Together, we'll make sure the sun aligns with your best interests.

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