Like in many other worldwide locations, solar power is creating an energy-based revolution in Israel. This revolution has recently received a major boost, due to the construction of advanced energy storage facilities.

PV power storage facilities store solar-based energy for future use. This allows solar power system owners to use renewable energy after sunset or before sunrise – instead of immediately routing it to the national grid. As a result, clean energy potential increases dramatically – as does financial profit. On a national scale, energy storage alleviates grid loads and helps Israel reach its ambitious clean energy objectives.

Storage promotes success

Green Panel aims to increase the added value of its clients' solar power systems, and to assist them in enhancing their profit yielding capabilities. Storage technologies provide additional opportunities for bringing this vision to life.

Green Panel has signed service agreements with leading energy storage companies, which have accumulated years of photovoltaic energy experience. In addition to providing services for converters and solar power systems, we collaborate with these companies to import and install storage systems designated for commercial and private markets. These storage solutions include charging systems, lithium batteries and electric voltage stabilizers.

Solar power storage can be conducted via AC coupling and DC coupling. Regarding energy capacity, these systems can support electric production in varying outputs (1.2 megawatt, 6 megawatt, etc.).

We're here to help

Storage is destined to change Israel's energy playing field. At Green Panel, we aim to operate at the forefront of this essential industry, and to provide our clients with consultation, planning and installation services that will translate into environmental and financial success. Together with our maintenance expertise and advanced automation tools, we provide business entities and private clients with a service umbrella that generates continuous optimization.

Want to benefit from a winning combination of energy production, maintenance and storage? We're here to help. Together, we'll make sure the sun aligns with your best interests.

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