Automation & Data Monitoring

When it comes to solar power systems, meeting clean energy objectives requires high production capacity. Every system has its own specific production potential. The closer the system comes to reaching that potential, the more energy it can produce. And when more energy is produced, financial returns increase.

There are many methods for increasing system production potential, including ongoing maintenance, selecting a preferred geographic location and adjusting solar panel angles. Yet there is another method, which also happens to be extremely innovative: automation and data monitoring.

Meet SolarSys

SolarSys is an advanced Green Panel-owned management system that allows commercial and private clients to monitor their solar power systems in complete automatic fashion, with zero manual intervention, while benefiting from automatic unification of data from different sources.

SolarSys offers users three key modules for production enhancement: A monitoring & maintenance module, a cleaning management module and a service call management module. These modules automatically unify all relevant monitoring and maintenance data parameters. This leads to continuous automatic monitoring, full unification of critical data, better synchronization between maintenance and monitoring efforts, and enhanced production capacity tracking.

In addition, SolarSys comes with a unique account recommendation and invoice generation module. This module allows business entities to tighten their cashflow supervision, while creating an automatic system for recommendation implementation and invoice generation.

Benefits create results

SolarSys was created to facilitate significant improvement in all key solar power ecosystem parameters. By ensuring system maintenance, SolarSys helps elevate production and increase revenue, which, in turn, impacts business stability and supports growth potential.

By combining transparency, data unification and effective automation, SolarSys generates valuable insights on a daily basis. These insights will help you fulfill your true solar power potential.

We are taking production enhancement to the next level. Together, we'll make sure the sun aligns with your best interests.

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