About us

So who are we?

Green Panel provides advanced maintenance services for solar power systems and facilities owned by commercial and private clients. Relying on our proven planning and maintenance expertise, we help our clients fulfill their systems' potential. As a result, our clients benefit from systems with longer lifecycles, which can produce additional photovoltaic energy and generate higher profits.

A leading solar power system service provider

Green Panel's technician team is the largest in the local market, and provides nationwide service. Our technicians supply end-to-end service for all panel, converter and communication infrastructures that exist in Israel's solar power market. We are known for our high-level SLA and fast response times. But problem solving is just the beginning. We provide our clients with production comparisons that expose their systems' true efficiency. This allows us to create tailored maintenance plans, which elevate system production to new heights.

A precise response to acute needs

Since 2008, Green Panel has been attentive to the needs of system owners, and has remained knowledgeable regarding renewable energy trends. As a result, we realized the enormous potential of solar power in Israel, and the effect of different variables on system efficiency. In our eyes, there is a vast difference between functional and highly functional solar power systems. The desire to provide our clients with daily insights has led us to develop data collection and cross-checking technologies, which further enhance systematic optimization.

Solar power for a promising future

Israel is in the midst of a renewable energy revolution. In the near future, Israel's homes will be able to enjoy high energy independence, due to an abundance of both solar power systems and storage facilities. As a leading company operating in the field of renewable energy, we are committed to continue investing in our existing professional parameters. Our goal is to help our existing and future clients maintain optimal PV system efficiency, at all times.

At Green Panel, we make sure the sun aligns with your best interests. For more information, contact us today.

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