High Voltage Maintenance

Many solar power systems are connected to high voltage infrastructure that converts clean energy into electricity. To ensure maximum safety and continuous production, this infrastructure demands professional monitoring and examination on a regular basis.

Green Panel's technicians conduct high voltage examinations for solar power systems throughout Israel. When on-site, our technicians identify and fix existing deficiencies, thereby preventing safety hazards and maintaining continuous energy production.

High safety, optimal performance

How does a standard inspection look like? That's an important question. Our technicians work to locate deficiencies that may impact short and long-term system performance. Once a deficiency has been recognized, the technicians will attempt to fix it immediately. If the deficiency demands return visits or significant system changes, the technicians will provide the system owner with a recommended course of action.

In order not to negatively impact the system's production capacity, the technician team will strive to coordinate an evening inspection. The system must be disconnected for the inspection to take place.

Maintenance specifications change from site to site, in accordance with system characteristics and client needs. The maintenance scope includes:

  • Isolation inspection – transformers and cables
  • Resistance inspection – transformer coil
  • DGPT inspection
  • Functional inspections for boards
  • Transformer cleaning
  • Board cleaning
  • Lubricant renewal at cable points
  • Screw strengthening, with an emphasis on cable/transformer connections
  • And more

At the end of the inspection, Green Panel will produce a detailed report of all actions executed, including all measurement values, documentation (photos) of deficiencies before and after they were fixed, conclusions, and future recommendations. The report will be signed by the company's senior engineer, who is a certified electrician.

The goal: optimal production

There are many ways to promote optimal solar power production – and high voltage maintenance is at the top of the list. Our qualified technicians will make sure that your systems are connected in the safest, most advanced way possible. Meanwhile, our panel cleaning, converter monitoring and automation tracking services will help you maximize production and increase revenue.  

Your solar power systems need high voltage – and you need peace of mind. This is where Green Panel comes in. Together, we'll make sure the sun aligns with your best interests.

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