Our Services

System Maintenance

Our certified technicians are deployed nationwide, and provide a wide range of services, including ongoing panel and converter maintenance. We operate the largest solar power command & control center in Israel.

System Cleaning

Dirt is the solar panel's worst enemy. Green Panel employs 25 cleaning teams on a nationwide scale, who use softened water and special brushes in accordance with manufacturer instructions.

High-Voltage Maintenance

Many solar power systems are connected to high-voltage infrastructure. Green Panel's technicians conduct periodical inspections, to identify and fix deficiencies that may interfere with production capacity.

System Planning

Enercity, a Green Panel subsidiary, specializes in end-to-end solar power system planning. Company services include high-voltage planning, simulations via drones, construction plans and more.


Storage technologies are reshaping the renewable energy market in Israel and worldwide. Green Panel plans storage solutions that provide its clients with advanced energy management capabilities.

Automation & Data Monitoring

SolarSys, a Green Panel subsidiary, has developed an advanced system for automatic solar power system management, maintenance and monitoring, which provides valuable real-time insights with zero manual intervention.