System Cleaning

Many things can harm the efficiency of the average solar panel. Not surprisingly, dirt occupies the very top of the list. From dust to bird droppings, dirt prevents solar panels from absorbing the sun's natural energy. As a result, system owners experience a decline in production – and potential profits. The cleaner your solar panels, […]

System Maintenance

Green Panel provides quick and comprehensive maintenance services for private and commercial solar power systems. Our maintenance team supplies a wide range of services for land-based and floating systems throughout Israel, at all times. Our technicians rely on Israel's largest solar power system control & command center, which is located at the Green Panel's headquarters. […]

System Planning

Most parameters that define a photovoltaic system's capability for supplying high-level solar energy over time, are established during the initial planning stage. Enercity, a Green Panel subsidiary, provides commercial entities and private clients with comprehensive planning services. These services are designed to allow system owners to make smart and informed decisions, which will help them […]

Automation & Data Monitoring

When it comes to solar power systems, meeting clean energy objectives requires high production capacity. Every system has its own specific production potential. The closer the system comes to reaching that potential, the more energy it can produce. And when more energy is produced, financial returns increase. There are many methods for increasing system production […]

High Voltage Maintenance

Many solar power systems are connected to high voltage infrastructure that converts clean energy into electricity. To ensure maximum safety and continuous production, this infrastructure demands professional monitoring and examination on a regular basis. Green Panel's technicians conduct high voltage examinations for solar power systems throughout Israel. When on-site, our technicians identify and fix existing […]


Like in many other worldwide locations, solar power is creating an energy-based revolution in Israel. This revolution has recently received a major boost, due to the construction of advanced energy storage facilities. PV power storage facilities store solar-based energy for future use. This allows solar power system owners to use renewable energy after sunset or […]